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How to take care of your skin on a bad skin day

We’ve all been triggered by bad skin days. Days when your skin is irritable, inflamed, itchy or simply looking off due to some reaction, you and your skin need some major TLC. We have a couple of suggestions that can be considered as solutions to combat your bad skin concerns and bring back its original glo(w)ry!

The Power of a Good Cleanse

Using a mild face wash is essential to calm your skin down and gently remove deep-seated impurities without causing any inflammation or irritation. All you need is a coin-size amount and apply it all over your face and neck in circular motion.

For the Love of Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the perfect go-to product for women who are on-the-go and need to tackle their skin care concerns on priority. Invest in one that is not only alcohol and paraben-free but also environment-friendly and of course, loaded with natural healing extracts.

P.S. We recommend refrigerating it before use to give your struggling skin that extra dose of coolness.

The Magic of Moisturisation

The best way to lock in all the moisture that your skin has gained with the sheet mask is by using a lightweight moisturiser. Afterall, hydration is key to all forms of skin healing. Stick to a non-greasy formula to keep your pores from clogging and give your skin the calm it needs.

The SPF Effect

Many skin concerns tend to rise from not protecting your skin enough from the harsh effects of the sun. Inflamed and irritable skin in general can aggravate without the help of SPF. Use a sunscreen that not only creates a protective layer but also tackles pigmentation and dark spots.

Now that you have the secret to combat bad skin days, we have a bunch of products that may just be the ones you and your skin needs.

Skincare Keepers for a bad skin day!

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