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How to Keep Your Skin Protected During Peak UV Hours in Summer

By Shrudi Shyam

With the summer season finally being at its peak, it takes only about 10 to 15 minutes in the sun to damage the deepest layers of your skin. During summer seasons, due to high humidity and heat, the sun radiates the greatest amount of UV rays in the atmosphere. Making it nearly impossible to escape the heat and harmful UV radiation in this season.

While we cannot control the heat and emission of UV radiation, we can always prepare ourselves to avoid the repercussions of the sun exposure that our skin sustains on a daily basis. So, before you step outside to embrace the weather, here is everything you need to know about sun safety and the importance of sun protection in summer.

Understanding UV Hours & Peak Time in Summer

Peak UV hours are generally the time of the day when you may feel the sun beating down on your skin rather hard than other hours of the day. The peak UV hours are measured with the help of the UV index, which ranges between 0 to 11 or higher.

A UV index between 0 to 2 is considered the lowest UV value, meaning there is minimal danger from the sun's UV rays for an average person. On the other hand, a UV index between 8 to 10 or higher can pose the risk of sun damage and should be avoided at any cost. In India, the peak time of UV radiation can be experienced between 10 am to 3 pm depending on your location, weather conditions, and more.

Travelling anytime during the peak UV hours can pose a serious threat to your skin, eyes, and overall health conditions. Layering your skin with a generous amount of Pond's Sun Miracle Sunscreen range is one of the best ways to avoid the scorching summer heat and protect your skin from extreme sun damage.

Tips for Protecting Skin During Peak UV Hours in Summer

As the temperature rises, adapting effective and beneficial skincare practices is crucial to shield your skin from harmful UV rays and heat. Here are some expert tips on how you can protect your skin during the peak UV hours and bid adieu to all your skin problems:

1. Apply Sunscreen: It is pretty much a sin to walk out in the sun without wearing a high SPF and PA++++ rating sunscreen. Sunscreen creates an added layer of protection on your skin, protecting it from UV rays penetrating deep within your skin. Apply a generous amount of Pond's Sun Miracle lightweight sunscreen range to reap the maximum benefits of dual skin protection and care.

2. Moisturise your skin well: Exposure to sun heat can strip out the natural moisture in your skin, making it appear dry, flaky, and dull. During summer, it is best to opt for lightweight and gel-based moisturisers such as Super Light Gel with Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E that don't make your skin feel heavy or leave any greasy residue behind.

3. Stay hydrated: Along with taking care of the surface of your skin, you should also prioritise the health of your internal organs and overall body. Drinking plenty of water during summer heat can prevent dehydration, help regulate your body temperature, aid digestion, and avoid severe complications of summer heat.

4. Wear a hat: One of the simple, yet most effective sun protective measures is to wear a hat. Exposing your scalp, eyes, and face to direct sun lights can give rise to several skin issues such as sunburn, hyperpigmentation, decreased vision, hair fall, and more. Wear a thick and extended brim hat that provides shade to your eyes, skin, and other delicate areas on your face.

5. Avoid sunbathing: As far as possible, avoid deliberately exposing your skin to the sun to achieve that sunkissed skin tone. You can stay much cooler under the shade, tree, or beach umbrella and avoid UV rays directly hitting your skin. Also, don't skip on your sunscreen

6. Wear light clothes: We all know that wearing light and cotton clothes makes us feel cool and relaxed while travelling outdoors during the peak summer hours. To add more protection to your skin, along with applying your sunscreen consider wearing full-length breathable clothes that help regulate your body temperature and keep you protected.

7. Avoid excessive skin exfoliation: Exfoliation is considered an important part of the skincare routine. However, it is best to avoid overdoing the same.As you tend to lose a lot of moisture due to excessive sweating and heat, over-exfoliating your skin can strip down its natural moisture and make it more vulnerable to sunburn and damage.

8. Eat healthy: Including healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet throughout the summer season will give you the needed energy to survive the heat and look your best in the season. Fried, processed, junk, and street food can boost acne, excessive sebum production, and digestion issues.

9. Follow a skincare routine: Last, but not the least, follow a proper summer skincare routine to achieve even-toned, radiant, and glowing skin. With Pond's revolutionary suncare range, you can give the right boost to your skin and help you look your best throughout the season!

There is no harm in taking a little extra care of your skin during the hot and unforgiving summer season. Frequent climate change and high temperatures can take a toll on your skin and body. Follow a dedicated suncare routine and avoid going harsh on your skin with excessive sun exposure, skin exfoliation, or consuming junk food. Remember, proper sun safety goes a long way in maintaining youthful and radiant skin appearance!

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