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Out in a Rush? SuperSpeed Your Skin Care

With a plethora of skincare products at your disposal, it is a dilemma to choose what to apply
when. Besides, if you are in a rush, it is impossible to follow a 10-step skincare routine and
yet be on time.
So then, should you ditch skincare? Absolutely not! Follow a 3-step skincare routine that can
work wonders for you.

    1. Use a face wash with activated charcoal
    Get rid of facial gunk and impurities instantly with the goodness of clay. They   say Moroccan clay for skin effectively removes oil and dirt from your pores and leaves a lasting glow behind.

    2. C-ze some Vitamin C
    Once you have cleansed your face, apply a Vitamin C Face Serum. We have one that is infused with Lemon, Green Papaya & Pomegranate Extract. This face serum helps renew cells and protects your skin from free radicals that cause premature ageing.

    3. A moisturiser with the goodness of Vitamin E & Glycerine
    Complete your skincare routine with a Light Moisturiser that helps you get a non-oily fresh feel. Our range of moisturisers has a light one that has Vitamin E + Glycerine. This moisturiser has a lightweight formulation and gives you a non-sticky finish. Just scoop, dab, and massage gently for radiant skin.
    Get your hands on our products and follow a simple skincare routine to get glowing skin on
    the go!

    Our go-to time saver besties!

    - Pure Detox Mineral Clay Activated Charcoal Face Wash
    - Vitamin C Serum
    - Light Moisturiser

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