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Pond's Sun Miracle SPF 50 PA+++ Crème Gel Sunscreen - Protect & Hydrate, With Hyaluronic Acid

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Why Opt for a Sunscreen That Provides Both UV Protection With Hydration

By Shrudi Shyam

Imagine this. You have walked out of your house on a scorching hot day in the summer to run some errands, there is sweat all over your face and you suddenly feel the urge to drink a gallon of cold water. Probably, all you could think of is getting back to your room and spending the entire day in the air conditioner. If this is what heat can do to your overall health and body, imagine what it could do to your skin.

Our skin too runs out of water and needs a timely hydration boost to maintain the skin barrier functionality, boost collagen production, improve elasticity, and make your skin appear youthful, fresh, and healthy. And, what can be more amazing than having a sunscreen that hydrates and moisturises your skin all while protecting it from harmful UV rays and sun?

Continue reading till the end to discover the incredible benefits of using sunscreen with hyaluronic acid and how even you can have a healthy, moisturised, and glowing skin tone.

Understanding Hydration & Protecting Factors in Sunscreen

Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient in boosting hydration properties in the skin. Found naturally in the human body through connective tissues and fluids, hyaluronic acid is packed with several skin hydrating and nourishing properties that are extremely good for your skin. While sun-protecting factors work in blocking UV rays from infiltrating your skin, pairing them with hydrating skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid can help achieve dual skin benefits of complete sun protection and skin hydrating effects to your skin.

Pond's Sun Miracle SPF 50 PA+++ Creme Gel Sunscreen with hyaluronic acid is a revolutionary hydrating sunscreen for the face that shields and blocks up to 97% of UV rays entering your skin. The sunscreen ensures your skin is protected and never runs out of hydration when you step out of your house, exposing your skin to direct sunlight and UV rays.

Why Choose a Sunscreen That Protects and Hydrates Your Skin?

1. Plumps your skin: Hyaluronic acid plays a major role in plumping your skin and restoring a youthful look. It helps restore moisture in the deepest layer of your skin, providing an instant plump action to your skin.

2. Aids signs of ageing: When combined with sun-protecting factors, hydrating SPF for the face or sunscreens boost collagen production and skin elasticity, which help fight skin ageing and make your skin look tighter and firm.

3. Locks moisture: To function properly and radiate from within, your skin needs moisture. Applying a generous amount of sunscreen with hyaluronic acid can aid in locking moisture along with preventing problems related to moisture loss and more.

4. Treats sun damage: Along with staying protected from the UV rays and the sun, it is important to treat the existing issues related to the sun within your skin. Regularly applying Pond's Sun Miracle SPF 50 PA+++ Creme Gel Sunscreen with hyaluronic acid will provide you with complete protection from the sun, treat existing skin issues, and keep your skin hydrated and glowing all day long.

5. Suitable for all skin: Unlike most skin ingredients, hyaluronic acid is suitable for all skin types. As it is found naturally within the human body, it generally has no side effects and helps maintain the pH and hydration levels of the skin.

6. Regulate sebum production: People with oily skin deal with excessive sebum production, making their skin appear and feel greasy and heavy all the time. Hyaluronic acid aids in regulating the sebum production in the skin without stripping its natural moisture or making it dry. This way, by simply using sunscreen with hydrating benefits can help you gain confidence to walk out in the sun, without worrying about a greasy or uneasy look on your skin.

7. Improves skin texture: Renowned for its skin-smoothing properties, hyaluronic acid can help significantly improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling soft, rejuvenated, and healthy.

8. Facilitates wound healing: One of the lesser-known facts about hyaluronic acid is that it secretly aids in treating wounds. By preserving moisture and aiding the intricate process of cell regeneration, hyaluronic acid can effectively help in healing your body's wound.

By now you must have understood that hyaluronic acid is an excellent skincare ingredient with a host of skin nourishment and benefits to offer. Pairing it with SPF agents is similar to adding a cherry on top of your most favourite dessert. Prepare your skin to shine brighter and look youthful in the sun with the regular use of Pond's Hydrating Sunscreen with Hyaluronic Acid.


Why is it important to use a sunscreen that hydrates?

To prevent moisture loss, excessive dryness, and premature ageing, it is crucial to use a good hydrating sunscreen for your face such as Pond's Sun Miracle SPF 50 PA+++ Creme Gel Sunscreen with hyaluronic acid.

How often should I apply sunscreen with hydration?

Ideally, it is best to apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen on your face throughout the day, as one application of sunscreen tends to last only for 2-3 hours.

Can I skip moisturiser if I use sunscreen with hydration?

It is best to apply moisturiser along with sunscreen as it keeps your skin hydrated. Check out Pond's Super Light Gel-Cream with hyaluronic acid a perfect addition to your day care routine.

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