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Time To Say Goodbye To Lacklustre Skin This Monsoon

By Surina Sayal

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and feel like your skin lacks a natural glow, or that it doesn't seem fresh and radiant anymore? Then chances are you are dealing with dull skin, signs of which include an ashy or lacklustre appearance, patchiness, uneven skin tone, rough/bumpy texture, dryness, etc. The exterior factors that cause dull skin include pollution, sun damage, excessive humidity and sweat, and added to that, awful habits such as a smoking, a poor diet, lack of hydration, not enough sleep, wearing makeup to bed, etc., leave your skin no choice but to revolt! Fret not though, as this can be reversed by simple lifestyle changes and a good skin care routine for dull skin.

What Causes Skin to Look Dull?

First, let's get into what the potential problems your skin is dealing with, along with some solutions that can help.

Problem: Not consuming enough water

The Solution:

Any dermatologist will tell you that the health of your skin also depends on what you consume and whether you are drinking the adequate amount of water. Better hydration from within leads to better hydrated, fresher looking skin. So, drink up!

Problem: Not taking off makeup at the end of the day

The Solution:
Understandably after a long day at work, one tends to feel lazy and want to skip this step altogether, but let me assure you, this is one of the most important things when it comes to skincare. Firstly, because you don't want to clog your pores overnight with makeup and accumulated dirt, grime and sweat from the day, and secondly, a cleansed, fresh face is like working with a clean canvas it will help any skincare product you use after penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin leading to better results.

Problem: Not exfoliating

The Solution: Dull skin may also seem that way from a buildup of dead skin cells, sebum, and clogged pores over time. This can aggravate further in the monsoons when we are dealing with humidity and excessive sweating. What helps is incorporating exfoliation in your dry and dull skin care routine, that can be done once a week to begin with. To slough off dead skin cells, flaky skin and blackheads, use a gentle physical scrub or a chemical exfoliant such as glycolic acid and lactic acid (AHAs) to safely resurface the skin for a brighter, more even appearance. A clean fresh face reflects light and lends it a natural radiance.

Problem: Not getting your beauty sleep

The Solution: If long stressful days at work, late night doom scrolling and Netflix binging are giving you panda eyes (read: dark circles) and tired looking dull skin, it's time to set that phone down and create a bedtime routine for yourself to ensure you get your beauty sleep. Do whatever it takes journaling, a relaxing bath, lighting a lavender-scented candle, spritzing a pillow mist, or music that will help you drift off.

Problem: Not choosing the right skincare ingredients

The Solution:Focus on ingredients that will help brighten, clear and freshen up your skin. It is easy to be swayed into using skincare products promoted by your favourite influencers, but ask yourself this: Is it really going to work for my skin? Instead pick ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides for hydration, glycolic acid for exfoliation, centella asiatica (cica) for calming and healing skin, niacinamide and vitamin C for brightening, clearing skin, etc. All of these can work in boosting the overall health of your skin, and therefore, rid any dullness.

Skincare Routine for Dull Skin to Boost Hydration

This short and simple dull skin routine is easy to follow and can work wonders to boost hydration and the general appearance of your skin.

Always use a gentle face wash that won't strip your skin of its natural oils. Foaming face washes work to cleanse the skin gently and when combined with actives that help brighten the skin, this first step in your dull skin care routine will ensure you have begun on the right note. Choose one like the Pond's Bright Beauty Foaming Facewash that comes infused with the benefits of niacinamide, that gently yet effectively removes the layer of dead skin cells from your skin, leaving your face squeaky clean and ready for the next step.

Using a serum helps target specific skin issues you are dealing with. When it comes to dull skin, skincare routines can include serums with active ingredients such as niacinamide, glutathione, vitamin C, etc. that work to brighten, treat pigmentation and uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, as well as improve hydration. Opt for one like the Pond's Bright Beauty Serum which comes with niacinamide and glutaboost, that help fade hyperpigmentation, repair skin damage and boosts the overall brightness of your skin. A form of vitamin B-3, niacinamide also promotes a healthy skin barrier and skin elasticity, thus giving your skin the largest organ in your body a serious advantage when it comes to dealing with future skin stressors.

When left without moisturizing, the skin can become dry and dull and look ashy and grey over time. Moisturizing is thus, a key step in maintaining good skin health. But the reason many choose not to use moisturizer is because most lotions and moisturisers can make the skin feel greasy, so the key here then is to choose a light gel formulation such as the Pond's Super Light Gel which is an oil-free gel moisturiser infused with moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Lightweight gel formulas absorb into the skin instantly without leaving that icky-sticky feeling, making these ideal for all seasons, even blazing summers and humid monsoons.

During the day, whether you stay indoors or step outside, ensure you use a sunscreen as a last step in your skincare routine to protect the skin from any further UV damage. A dull skin care routine will benefit from sunscreens that come with not just sun protection, but added skin-loving benefits. Try one like the Pond's Serum Boost Sunscreen Cream that comes with SPF 55, and also niacinamide-C serum which protects, brightens the skin and works to fade dark patches as well.

To Sum Up

Skincare doesn't have to complicated or filled with jargon and a shelf full of unnecessary, pricey products. Stick to a simple, but effective skin care routine for dull and dry skin. Keep that routine short with a maximum of 3-4 steps which will ensure you follow it, rather than a 10 or 12 step daily routine which, let's be honest, is exhausting at the end of the day and will have you giving up halfway! Instead use a handful of effective products with active ingredients that work for your skin and stick with those. The key to radiant, healthy, hydrated skin is to show it some TLC by caring for it simply but consistently, and the glow it then reflects will show you that it loves you back.

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