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Pond's Bright Beauty Vit C+E+A Gel Face Wash

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How Vit C-E-A Gel Facewash Effectively Removes Excess Oil and Impurities

By Shrudi Shyam


A well-cleansed skin is the secret to a glowing and beautiful-looking face. Being the most exposed part of our body, facial skin tends to easily gather build-up of dirt, dust, and dead cells, leading to clogged pores and common skin concerns such as acne.

A gel facewash helps in effectively removing impurities from the skin to prevent further skin clogging and acne-related concerns. But, if you are still wondering what is gel facewash and the replenishing skin benefits associated with the product, continue reading till the end!

Understanding Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash

Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash is a powerful combination of Vitamin C, E, and A that provides essential benefits and nourishment, allowing your skin to look its best after every wash. The innovative facewash not only effectively removes oil and impurities, but also exfoliates your skin with micro wax beads. The non-sticky and lightweight texture of this facewash provides a gentle yet effective cleaning experience without any residue.

Kickstart your everyday skincare routine with Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash for an instantly refreshed and bright-looking skin tone.

Benefits of Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash

Let us now look at some gel facewash benefits for the face that you should be aware of,

1. Refreshing sensation: Gel facewash is a water-based product that provides a cooling and refreshing sensation that makes your skin feel awake and spikes your every level, especially during summer. So, if you are someone who can barely make it through the hot weather, Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash can be your everyday go-to product to make your skin feel refreshed and clean without stripping its natural moisture.

2. Balanced hydration: As gel facewash is a water-based product, it works effectively in removing impurities from your skin without making it feel dry or dehydrated. Nevertheless, the Pond's Gel Facewash is packed with hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E that offer your skin the intense hydration and nourishment that it deserves.

3. Smooth skin: Regular use of hydrating and clarifying facewash like Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash helps keep your pores clean, reducing the occurrence of breakouts, and offering a clear and smoother skin texture. For best results, use this Pond's Gel Facewash twice a day before your day and night skincare routine.

4. Deep cleaning: One of the prominent benefits of Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash is that you can enjoy a deep cleaning experience without irritating or disturbing the pH levels of your skin. For an intense cleaning experience, squeeze a small amount of Pond's Gel Facewash on your wet palms and gently rub it to create a lather. Apply the lather on your wet face and neck areas and gently massage the areas for a minute. Rinse the product with tap water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

5. Improved skin texture: A facewash helps keep your pores clean, removing impurities, and making your skin feel fresh and plumed after every wash. It also aids in preserving the natural moisture of your skin, leading to improved skin texture that not only looks but also feels good at every touch.

How does Vit C+E+A Gel Facewash cleanse, purify, and exfoliate skin?

Infused with the power of multiple vitamins and skin agents, Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash is formulated to reduce pigmentation, renew and replenish your skin tone, remove excessive impurities, brighten your skin, and offer a refreshed and hydrated sensation.

The gel-based facewash effectively cleans the outer layer of your skin by removing excessive oil and impurities that contribute to clogged pores, acne, and other skin issues. This incredibly powerful facewash works like magic on your skin without irritating or reducing the natural moisture in your skin. Hence, making it a most suitable and hydrating facewash to use by all skin types, all around the year


The idea of a gel-based facewash is to offer a deep cleaning experience that does not necessarily have to be harsh and dehydrating on your skin. The water-based formula cleans impurities from the layer of your skin with micro wax beds which work as magical skin ingredients in refreshing and hydrating your skin after every wash. So, ditch your regular facewash and opt for Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash for a luxurious cleaning experience like never before!


1. Does Vit C-E-A Gel Facewash strip the skin of natural oils?

Not at all! The revolutionary Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash offers a deep cleaning experience without stripping the natural oils and moisture from your skin.

2. Can Vit C-E-A Gel Facewash be used daily?

Yes, you can use Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash twice a day before starting your skincare routine to reap the maximum benefits of the product.

3. Will Vit C-E-A Gel Facewash dry out the skin?

Enriched with hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E, Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash is formulated to clean your skin without making your skin feel dry or irritated.

4. Does Vit C-E-A Gel Facewash contain harsh ingredients?

Pond's Vitamin C+E+A Gel Facewash is created with three amazing and hydrating skincare ingredients such as Vitamin C, E, and A that have no harsh or harmful effects on the skin.

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