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Understanding the Signs, Causes, and Prevention of Ageing

By shrudi shyam

Mirror, mirror on the wall! Are those wrinkles I see around my eyes when I smile? 

After the taut, soft skin of our teenage years, the journey to discovering fine lines around your eyes and mouth, a constellation of light spots and rough skin seems like a sudden one. One day you are taking in compliments about your glowing skin, and almost overnight you are left wondering why your skin looks parched and tired. As the largest organ of the human body, our skin is quite literally the unique home we inhabit. It forms our identity as we face the world each day. Every line and bump a sign of a life lived and moments experienced. Ageing, and specifically skin-ageing, is a natural and universal eventuality. But, what truly matters is to do so in a manner that nurtures, nourishes and makes you feel confident in…well, no prizes for guessing, your skin!

So, before you stock up on the current social media skin-fad and jump on a regime that requires you to literally lose early morning sleep, take a step back to understand skin-ageing and what you can do to solve your concern.

What are Common Signs of Ageing? 

With the passage of every decade, our skin reacts to its environment and acts in keeping with its genetic makeup to change and evolve. 

1. The first signs of ageing usually occur in the form of fine lines around the areas of the face that we tend to use the most.

2. This gradually progresses to dullness of skin and formation of dark spots due brought on by sun-damage.

3. The most advanced form of skin-ageing appears in the form of wrinkles and dry skin - both of which are caused by our body’s gradual inability to naturally retain moisture, coupled with loss of collagen in the skin. 

While traditionally signs of skin-ageing became apparent in one’s thirties, dermatologists and skin experts have observed this age steadily decreasing. Skin is now ageing faster and at a younger age thanks to external factors like pollution and prolonged exposure to light. Besides this the multiple products we use – often, daily and sometimes to experiment and discern their suitability, end up irritating and breaking down collagen in our skin. 

Does this mean taking medical action to address the very first signs of skin-ageing? The short answer is, absolutely not! Anti-aging in your twenties is completely different from that in later years. While all anti-ageing products and techniques address damage done to the skin by pollution, irritants and light, the objective in using them earlier is prevention and once you hit your fifties or sixties it is correction. As a result, taking care of skin-ageing signs at an early age protects it and starkly reduces the need for drastic corrective steps when you are older. 

How to Prevent Ageing? 

Protect your skin from the sun: If you plan to be out and about outdoors in the day time, especially around midday, don’t shy away from wearing sunglasses and layering a generous splash of sunscreen on your face and neck. Our tip is to reapply sunscreen every two hours – or more frequently, if you tend to perspire or live in humid climes. 

Moisturize your skin, even in the summers: Dry skin shrinks our plump skin cells, which in turn are the gateway to deepening fine lines. Moisturizing hydrates the skin from within, and traps moisture within the surface, thus keeping the surface of our skin nourished and supple.

Don't smoke: Nicotine in cigarettes causes a narrowing of blood vessels in the outermost layers of the skin. This hampers blood circulation, resulting in reduced oxygen and nutrients to our body. For the skin, this means depletion of collagen and elastin levels, leading to poor skin health.

Eat a healthy diet: Avoid too many salt and sugar-rich foods in your daily diet. Salt causes water retention and dehydrates skin, automatically causing it to stretch and develop fine lines. Sugary foods cause insulin spikes that break down collagen and elastin in our skin. 

Pay attention to your mindset: Stress causes hormonal imbalances, which in turn proves to be the epicenter for all things wellbeing especially for women. Daily exercise, adopting a mindfulness practice and taking the time to rest well are simple, yet essential steps to take care of your skin health.

Taking some time out for your skin: Adopt a simple yet effective day- and night-time regime with products that suit your skin and specifically address your skin health. If a brand works for your skin, stick to it so you don’t subject your skin to every new fad that you read about. 

We suggest the gentle, yet potent New Pond’s Age Miracle Range with 10% Retinol-Collagen B3 Complex, which has been created by experts to give youthful glowing skin in 7 days. It does so by helping fade dark spots, boosting radiance, and plumping up the skin with moisture. 

For the day, use the Pond’s Age Miracle Youthful Glow Day Cream, which contains SPF to shield your skin from UV rays & pollution. End your evening with some tender, loving skincare with the Pond’s Age Miracle Youthful Glow Night Cream

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